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Talking Tom  Android Game
Talking Tom

Talking TOM

My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet beguilement for youths, and tremendous kids everything considered. Trust it or not - much grandma and grandpa can join the great occasions!


  • Hold onto Tom as a delightful little feline and manage him reliably.

  • Guarantee he gets enough sustenance and rest, take him to the can, and keep him chipper, smiling and giggling.

  • You can pet and punch Tom, and even location him - he proceeds with everything that you say in his delightful, fascinating voice! Tom even has a social occasion of fun little scale beguilement's to play - befuddle amusements, movement preoccupations, encounter entertainments, and even an amusement redirection. There's something for everyone!

  • As you play, Tom grows up and you open stores of cool new pieces of clothing for him and new furniture things for his home. There are various groups to investigate - a space voyager, a pilot, a superhuman… or maybe you essentially need to dress Tom in something cool and agreeable. You can even mix and match Tom's pieces of clothing for some crazy blends! Likewise, every room in Tom's home can be revamped too!

Countless play My Talking Tom reliably, so why not join the great occasions? You can even take Tom on treks to various countries and build up an accumulation of photos from his developments!

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